Thanks again for your wonderful music and hilarious comedy!
Jessica Love,
Arts Chair, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Tom O'Carroll presents these programs for colleges, libraries, festival and cultural groups.

Saints Just Wanna Have Fun
A humerous but respectful look at Irish Medieval Saints. These brave men and women were hugely instrumental in repairing the ravages to Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. Tom relates their travels and travails in song and story.

Dublin in Song and Story
In this program Tom tells the tales and sings the songs of his native city. This capital city on the River Liffey has an abundance of history and colorful characters and Tom will introduce you to some of them. This program is ideal for those interested in Irish Literature.

The Irish Diaspora:
An examination of the Irish influence around the world from early times to the present. The narrative begins with the founding of the Dal Riada kingdom on the Scottish coast and then Irish monks journeying abroad. Tom will then detail through stories and song the Flight of the Earls, the Cromwellian clearances to the Carribean and the Irish Brigades and Regiments of the Wild Geese formed in France, Spain, Portugal and Austria. Departures from Ireland due to the Great Hunger of the 1840's and transportation to Australia and Tasmania will be illustrated. In more recent times the Irish have fled a poorly managed economy and the music and songs of this period evoke an emotional underpinning not to be found in the mere telling of the facts.

Nomads of the Twentieth Century:
The Travelling People of Ireland

Irish Travellers, also known as "Tinkers", comprise a very small, but interesting segment of Irish society. They have their own language, folk ways and traditions. This presentation, which includes songs and stories, will tell of the Travellers efforts to conduct their lives in a rapidly changing society. We will look at their origins, history, family structure and their similarities to other travelling groups in Europe. Tom has a keen appreciation of their attachment to the Traveller way of life. This lively presentation, based on his studies and personal experiences, is both entertaining and enlightening.

From Tribe to Nation:
A Musical Journey through the History of Ireland

In this program, Tom traces the history of the Irish people from the Stone Age to the present. Drawing on archaeological data, historical records, as well as music and song, Tom explores the broad social and cultural themes of conflict and identity that occur through the island's history. Throughout his presentation, Tom performs various songs, tunes and little known anecdotes that bring to life the story of the Irish.

Tom and Debbie O'Carroll,
the music and magic of Ireland for young audiences

Tom & Debbie O'Carroll have crafted a performance to introduce youngsters to many different aspects of Irish culture. They use music, songs, poetry, stories, props, costumes and traditional Irish stage magic to delight and captivate young audiences with the enchantment of the Emerald Isle. This program is for children aged 4-14.

Tom has performed at:

The Minnesota Irish Fair.
The Milwaukee Irish Fest.
The Dublin Irish Festival, Ohio.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass.
Tufts University, Medford, Mass.
Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct.
St. Anselm's College, Nashua, N.H.
Quinsigamund College, Worcester, Mass.
Armstrong State College, Savannah, Ga.
Winthrop University, South Carolina
Kevin Barry's Pub, Savannah, Ga.
O'Friel's Pub, Wilmington, De.
Tommy Makem's Irish Pavilion, New York City
The Great Southern Hotel, Killarney, Ireland
The Grand Hotel, Cork, Ireland
The Everglades Hotel, Derry, Northern Ireland
The Limerick Ryan Hotel, Ireland
Barnsville Irish Festival, Penn.
Tara Feis, Savannah, Ga.
First Night Newburyport, Mass.
First Night, New Bedford, Mass.
North Florida State University, Jacksonville, Fl.
The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Syracuse Irish Festival, Buffalo Irish Festival
Erie Irish Festival,Savannah Irish Festival
Moravian College, Bethlehem, Penn.
Truman State University, Kirkville, Mo.
Georgia Southern State University, Statesboro, Ga.
Nantucket Atheneum MA.
An Rí Rá Montana Irish Festival.
Maryland Irish Festival
Michigan Irish Music Festival
The Villages FLA
The Great Hunger Museum Hamden CT
Middlesex Community College CT
Rí Rá Irish Pub Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Nev.